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Discover How A Strange “Insole” is Empowering Seniors to Take Control of Their Bunions, Without Breaking the Bank

By Shauna Davidson | June 19, 2024 | 11:11 am EDT

If you’ve been struggling with bunions, you might have been told that your shoes are the worst enemy 

And you have most likely been trying things such as painkillers, toe spacers or bunion correctors to get some relief. 

But the truth is, it's not your shoes…

And those other solutions will also never give you any relief because they don't address the underlying cause.

Sounds strange right?

I’m here to tell you that there is an easier expert backed foot adjustment that anyone can use. 

One that gets right at the root of the cause of your bunions to turn them from this…

Into This:

I learned this from a pioneering Dr. who has treated more than 10.000 patients in his clinic.

His Name Is Dr. Olli Sovijärvi And He’s A Renowned Expert On Naturally Healing Bunions.

His name is Olli Sovijärvi. 

He is a biohacking expert who runs the prestigious Biohacking

He also hosts health conferences all over the world and of the things he sees over and over again is bunions. 

And nothing is worse for your feet than bunions

But here’s the thing…

He says the cause of bunions for most people is actually the movement of the foot:

“What’s happening is a bad foot structure collapses the arch and puts pressure on the inside of the feet which changes to a concave-shaped pattern.” 

He tells his patients…

The true Root Cause Of Bunions Has To Do With What He Calls “Rearfoot Pronation” 

If you are dealing with bunion then you know all about the pain in the toes.

Especially where the bunions are formed. 

But here’s something most people don’t know…

Bunions don’t start in the toes… it starts in the arch. 

And it’s all thanks to something called Rearfoot pronation. 

Dr. Olli explains:
“When your feet are in a pronounced position around the arch, your toes can only be pushed to the outside. And it's this pressure that puts load on the big toes and pushes them out of each other into that misaligned shape known as bunions”

And the #1 cause of rearfoot pronation?

You guessed it… modern footwear.

You see, the average shoe lacks a good arch support. 

And what this does is it allows your arch to collapse more than usual 

This leads to Rearfoot pronation

Your feet then tries to stabilize itself from the excessive rolling inward due to overpronation,

which forces your toes to be pushed outwards into a position that looks like this:

That’s what eventually causes the bunions

And if you know anything about bunions, then you know that the misalignment of the toes that comes with bunions is what causes all the pain. 

The solution is simple: Allow your feet to go back to their natural position, stop rearfoot pronation, and let your bunions heal. 

No injections, surgeries, or pain pills needed.

But how?

Dr. Ollie Says The Secret To Reversing a bunion is “Evenly Dividing The Foot Weight”

Dr. Ollie and his team in Finland have come up with a genius solution.

They’re called Comfysole and they were designed just for this issue.

The Comfysole Insoles provide a unique Arch support

which relieves stress on the inside of the foot and reduces stress of the big toe

This allows the big toe to get out of its misaligned position which causes all that pain

And allows the big toe to get back in its natural shape. 

Comfysoles Allows You To Reverse Overpronation Quickly To Heal Bunion Pain

TerraFlex Orthotic Insoles are the ultimate solution for those struggling to help fix foot problems like rearfoot pronation and bunions.

These insoles support the arch of your feet and make your feet move the right way.

They fit your shoes perfectly, so you can walk, run, or stand without hurting.

Wearing them helps your feet line up properly, which means you can reverse pain that comes with bunion discomfort. 

Here is how it works:

Norelie's product development combined the best of the best insoles and added three important elements to the insoles that help your bunions heal

and prevent recurrence of pain.

First, the step-by-step softening heel cushion strengthens the muscles in the ankle. 

Strong ankle muscles help maintain proper alignment of the foot and ankle and prevent overpronation

This improves the mechanics of the feet and the recurrence of bunions. 

Arch support relieves stress on the foot's tissues

which relieves stress on the inside of the foot and reduces stress of the big toe

which allows the big toe to get back in its natural shape. 

A metatarsal cushion on the front of the sole makes walking more comfortable.

It cushions shocks to support the natural well-being of the foot.

The combination of these three features makes the ComfySole insole your best friend if you want to beat bunion discomfort 

and prevent its recurrence.

When you wear your Comfysoles regularly in your shoes, you can expect a significant improvement in foot health over time.

It’s Like Having A Natural Foot Therapy Available Every Day... Without The High Costs!

By helping your feet to move as they were naturally meant to, the Comfysoles not only prevent pain in the short term…

But also help heal your bunions and improve foot health and functionality. 

This is essential for anyone looking to improve their mobility and quality of life without resorting to invasive treatments or expensive therapies.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on doctor visits or waste time traveling to appointments. 

Whenever you start feeling pain from bunios or general foot discomfort, just slip on your Comfysoles.

In just a few minutes, you'll feel the difference — they help relieve pain fast. 

Thousands Of People Swear by Comfysoles Insoles To Relieve Bunion discomfort. 

Thousands of people in Finland have already embraced the comfort and benefits of the TerraFlex Barefoot Shoes. 

Just check out the glowing reviews on our website. You'll read many inspiring stories, like Anna's:

"After struggling with discomfort from bunions, nothing seemed to help - until I found Comfysole Insoles! Before, every step was a challenge, and I thought I'd never enjoy walks again. But these insoles changed everything. They're so comfortable, and they support my feet just right. Now, I can walk my dog every morning without any pain."

Anna, 65

Every day, we hear about someone else whose life has been transformed by these shoes. 

Will you be next?

Experience the Relief You've Been Dreaming Of

Imagine your feet right now... 

Would you welcome a bit of relief from the constant discomfort of bunions

Surely, you would. 

How much better would you sleep? 

How much more could you do each day? 

Would having less pain allow you to enjoy your daily activities more? 

Of course!

With comfysoles, you too can stay active without the pain. 

It's truly life-changing to shift from constant foot pain to walking freely.

Now it’s your turn to see for yourself how much of a comfysoles can make in your life. 

So, How Much Does It Cost?

The team at Norelie is dedicated to making their Comfysoles as affordable as possible. 

That's why they sell directly to customers online from their small base in Finland. 

Instead of big marketing campaigns, they rely on positive word of mouth to spread the news.

So while the typical price tag for similar premium shoes might be around $XXX, Norelie is able to keep the costs low.

And they don’t want the price to stand in your way.

That’s why…

Norelie Is Making A Special Limited Offer To Anyone Reading This Page

Today they’re not even asking you to pay the regular price of $XXX that they have on their official website... 

On this page only they’re offering the Comfysoles for just $XX.XX. Yes, only $XX.XX!

Plus, if you decide to buy more than one pair today, they'll even drop the price further for each additional pair you order. 

Most people love having multiple pairs for different settings.

And it makes sense - you don’t have just 1 pair of shoes for your entire life…

You need a few different ones to change things up

You Don’t Have To Say Yes Today, Just Say…Maybe…

See... the team at Norelie is fully confident in the quality and effectiveness of their Comfysoles.

They're offering an iron-clad 90-day results or refund money-back guarantee because they want to completely remove any risk for you as a buyer.

They don't want you to pay anything unless you are 100% sure that their shoes work for you. 

This means if you aren't completely satisfied with your results, Norelie will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You'll have three full months to test the Comfysole and see for yourself how they transform your walking experience and help with your bunion discomfort. 

So, go ahead and click the big green "APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY" button below.

If the Comfysoles don't provide the comfort and relief you were looking for…

Norellie will refund 100% of your purchase price. 

This is not a typical guarantee and it's not a gimmick. 

If you need proof, just reach out to Norelie's customer service.

You can talk to a real person anytime, 24/7; their contact information is right below.

You can also visit their official encrypted website. 

They respond to every single email promptly and answer every phone call. While it may seem old-fashioned, at Norelie, the customer's satisfaction is the absolute top priority.

WARNING: By The Time You're Reading This, This Offer May Already Be Sold Out!

Comfysoles have sold out several times in the past due to high demand. 

With the expansion into other European markets, the current stock is moving faster than anticipated. 

So, act quickly—because by the time you decide, they might already be gone

Here’s What to Do Next:

Click that big “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.

Norelie is offering a significant discount and a 90-day guarantee.

That’s how confident they are that this will work for you.

So, the only risk you're taking is prolonging your discomfort by not making a decision!

If there's one thing I've learned, it’s that ignoring the problem is still a choice.

I spent too long accepting discomfort when I could have been seeking a solution.

Thank heavens I found TerraFlex Barefoot Shoes, which was a true wake-up call for me.

But if you're still reading this, then let this be YOUR WAKE UP CALL!

Remember, nothing you’ve tried so far has tackled the real issue of foot alignment and health.

TerraFlex shoes address the root cause of foot discomfort and provide a natural way to alleviate it.

You have two choices now as time is running out.

Option 1: Continue with the status quo, knowing what contributes to your discomfort but doing nothing about it.

Or, take Option #2...

Decide to try TerraFlex Barefoot Shoes and start the journey towards significant relief.

Remember – You have nothing to lose.

If they work as promised, you’ll experience substantial relief.

Or you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Either option is better than surrendering to discomfort.

I'm grateful every day for my decision to try TerraFlex.

And I am just one of the many who can tell you about its benefits.

You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Now is the time to make the right choice for you and your family.

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